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Arrangement of online learning materials during school suspension

(Please click the link) (updated on 13/3/2020)

Arrangements on Deferral of Class Resumption

(Please click the link) (updated on 23/3/2020) *NEW

Re-arrangement of inter-school and intra-school programmes/activities/competitions

(Please click the link) (updated on 26/2/2020)

Re-arrangement of P.6 SSPA and Arrangement of P.6 Final Exam

(Please click the link) (updated on 26/2/2020)

Arrangement of Online Support Programme

(Please click the link) (updated on 26/2/2020)

Arrangement on Collection of Student's 2nd Term Learning Materials (11/3-13/3/2020)

(Please click the link) (updated on 9/3/2020)


Invitation for Submitting Tender Proposals

1. SEKPS/1920/Tender_02/janitor (Please click for details)

2. SEKPS/1920/Tender_03/VA Room(Please click for details)

3. SEKPS/1920/Tender_04/OT (Please click for details)

4. SEKPS/1920/Tender_05/HW Tuition (Please click for details)

5. SEKPS/1920/Tender_06/UAP (Please click for details)

6. SEKPS/1920/Tender_07/Lunch (Please click for details)

7. SEKPS/1920/Tender_09/Percussion (Please click for details)

8. SEKPS/1920/Tender_10/TSS (Please click for details)

9. SEKPS/1920/Tender_11/Musical (Please click for details)

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