MCE Introduction

Understanding Adolescent Project (UAP) 2017/2018

The UAP is a comprehensive support programme for personal growth. It aims at enhancing students’ resilience in coping with the challenges they have to face as they grow up. This project is fully subsidized by the EDB. It consists of a range of group activities, including their parents, for those children to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes when facing adversities.

Findings from the students’ evaluation questionnaires indicated that students who participated in the UAP generally made significant progress in anger management, conflict resolution, goal setting and interpersonal relationship. Both parents and teachers considered that the project can enhance students’ optimism, sense of belonging towards their families and schools. Moreover, they also think that the programme can improve the communication skills and co-operation abilities among students.

Last year, we had three UAP groups from P.4 to P.6 level. You can know more about the activities from the photos and welcome to join the programme in this years!