Sport Day 2015
SSPA Result 2013/15
Prize Giving Day 2nd term 2014-2015
Post Exam Activities
Cleanliness Competition 2nd term 2014-2015
P.6 Graduation Day
Tea with Headmistress 18-06-2015
Student Concert by Premiere Performances of HK
P6 Graduation Camp
Tea with Headmistress 30-04-2015
Congratulations to Martin
Joyful Fruit Award
"No lose" Parent Group
Congratulations to Mai Anh
Talent Show
Parent’s Day
First Prize Giving Day 2014-15
Cantonese Class for Parents
Traditional Fashion Workshop for Parents cum Catwalk Show
Cleanliness Competition 2014-2015
Cultural Day
Tea with Headmistress 15-01-2015
Tea with Headmistress 20-11-2014
SEK Arts Exhibition at The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens
Wan Chai East Carnival 1415
Christmas Party 2014-2015
Congratulations To Hilary
Christmas Card Design Competition 2014
Music For the Millions Student Concert
SSPA 2013/2015
My Colourful Christmas Drawing and Colouring Competition 2014-2015
Computer Workshop for Parents
School Picnic 2014-2015
Dress special day 2014
2014 Mid-Autumn Lantern Des ign (Parent-child) Competition
Chinese Wonton Making Workshop for Parents
Level Parents' Day 1415
P.4 Rainbow Day Camp
P.1 and New Pupils Orientation Day