Congratulations to Martin
Congratulations to Sebastian and Martin
Sports Day 2012/2013
Annual Homecoming Day
Prize Giving Day (First Term)
Congratulations to Angela
Congratulations to Sana
SEK pupils performs on RTHK radio program 'Sunday Smile'
Talent Show 2013
Christmas Celebration 2012
Christmas Card Design Competition 2012
SSPA 2011/2013
Wanchai East Carnival 2012
"My Colourful Christmas" Drawing and Colouring Competition
School Picnic 2012
Joint-school Activity for Scouts 3-11-2012
Result of Primary One Admission for September 2013
Congratulations to Angela
Congratulations to Julienne
School Rule Sign Design Competition
Dress Special Day 2012
Level parents' day 2012-2013
Message from Headmistress(1) 2012-2013
Orientation Day for New Pupils 2012-13
Post-exam Activities 2012-2013
Prize Giving Day (Second Term)
P.6 Graduation Day 2012-2013
Congratulations to Cultural Dance Group
Congratulations to Marie
Congratulations to Angela(2)
Congratulations to Angela(1)
Congratulations to Angela
Annual General Meeting 2012-2013 of Alumni Association
"We Love - We Care - We Share" Joint Arts Painting Competition